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Lovely Libations: Crafting Valentine's Day Cocktails and Mocktails

Posted: February, 12, 2024 | Categories: Food

As Valentine's Day approaches, the Solstice™ community is gearing up to celebrate love in style. Whether you're planning a romantic evening with your significant other or a fun gathering with friends, why not elevate the experience with handcrafted cocktails and mocktails? In the heart of Colorado, where the air is crisp and the vibe is lively, Littleton offers the perfect backdrop for a memorable Valentine's celebration. Join us as we explore delightful libations to shake, stir, and toast to love in captivating Colorado.

The Love Potion (Cocktail)

Start the evening with a dose of enchantment by mixing up a Love Potion cocktail. Head to local distilleries such as 52eighty Distilling or specialty liquor stores in Littleton to source craft gin, elderflower liqueur, lime juice, and a bottle of bubbly. Garnish with edible flowers for a touch of romance. The Love Potion is a refreshing and visually stunning choice to kick off your Valentine's Day celebration.

Solstice Blog Images(16).png

Mile-High Kiss (Mocktail)

For those opting for a non-alcoholic option, the Mile-High Kiss mocktail is a delightful choice. This vibrant and fruity concoction pays homage to Colorado's breathtaking sunrises by combining fresh-squeezed citrus juices, a splash of grenadine, and a hint of soda. Garnish with a slice of orange and a maraschino cherry for added flair.

Solstice Blog Images(19).png

Rocky Mountain Romance (Cocktail)

Embrace the spirit of the Rockies with a Rocky Mountain Romance cocktail. Infuse local whiskey from Rocker Spirits with warming spices like cinnamon and cloves. Add a touch of honey syrup from Björn's Colorado Honey and a splash of bitters for depth. Serve over ice, garnished with an orange twist. This cocktail is perfect for those cozy, intimate moments watching the wildlife pass by your window at Solstice on Valentine's Day.

Solstice Blog Images(17).png

Altitude Elixir (Mocktail)

If you're seeking a booze-free option that doesn't compromise on flavor, try the Altitude Elixir. Muddle fresh berries, mint leaves, and a dash of simple syrup. Top it off with sparkling water and a squeeze of lime. This effervescent mocktail pays homage to Colorado's high-altitude charm and is a delightful treat for the taste buds.

Solstice Blog Images(18).png

Whether you're clinking glasses with a loved one or raising a toast with friends, these Valentine's cocktails and mocktails bring a touch of Mile High magic to your celebration. Enjoy the romantic concoctions and the engaging atmosphere that the Solstice™ community has to offer, making this Valentine's Day truly special in the heart of Colorado. Cheers to love, laughter, and unforgettable moments!

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