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Help Your Guests Feel at Home with a Beautiful Guest Room

Posted: September, 20, 2023 | Categories: Interior Decorating

Have you ever gone to stay with an old friend only to have them put you up in a space that feels cold and empty? We won’t ever turn our noses up at free and generous accommodation, but rooms like that make it easy to feel separated from the rest of the house and, by extension, the very people you came to visit. One of the things we’re most proud about is how Solstice™ homes are built with entertaining in mind — and in that spirit, we’ve gathered a few ideas that you can use to make your guests feel as welcome as possible when they come to see you in your beautiful home.


Everything in Its Proper Place

If your mom and dad aren’t able to take everything out of their suitcase immediately after they arrive and put it away in an easy-to-find location, they may begin to feel like they’re still on the road. To assist your guest in settling into your lovely space, you’ll want to provide them with a number of accessible storage sites including a set of drawers, a clean countertop for their toiletries, and somewhere to store their luggage. Sure, you could invest in the kind of luggage rack that a bellhop uses — the dramatic curves of the gold handles are certainly classic and stylish — but racks like that tend to be big and cumbersome. Instead, you could refresh an inexpensive wooden folding rack into something decidedly more chic by replacing the nylon webbing with soft leather straps.


Add a Nook

If someone has come a long way to visit, you can be sure that they want to spend a great deal of time with you during their stay. Still, there’s a fine line between enough time and too much time. To help keep everyone comfortable, make sure that your guest has somewhere quiet of their own to retreat to and relax. A soft armchair in their room can make all the difference in the world — but if you want to take your guest’s comfort to five-star levels, you could construct a cozy window seat. As an added perk, this window seat will bring extra storage space that you could use to stow a change of bedding and towels.


Make the Bed


With storage and seating taken care of everything is really starting to come together, but we’re still missing the most important piece of any bedroom: the bed itself. If you can, don’t skimp on the mattress. Not only will your guest appreciate it, but you may find that it handy on the occasion that you or one of your family members comes down with a cold and needs a place to retreat to while they sniffle. Finally, don’t forget a fresh set of sheets on the bed and leave extra blankets and bedspreads out for your guests. Not sure what to offer? We like to tell visitors unaccustomed to Colorado’s climate to bring plenty of layers. The same principle holds for your guest room! Provide your guests with a number of different blankets so they can adapt their bedding situation to their specific temperature needs.


Final Touches

To really make your guests feel at home in your elegant abode, consider weaving your home’s cohesive color scheme through the guest room. A splash of orange that calls back to the painting in the entryway and the throws on your couch will immediately let your visitors know that they’re welcome — and that they should make themselves at home. Once all that’s done, all you’ll need to do is make sure that they have the WiFi password and place a bouquet of freshly-cut flowers in their room shortly before they arrive. Not only are flowers sure to delight, they also have other benefits, like instantly boosting creativity and mood.


With the guest room completed, we’re sure you’re going to have family and friends clamoring to come stay in your spa-like refuge — and our truly special location in stunning Colorado doesn’t hurt either. Ready to be the number one travel destination for everyone you know? Reach out today to learn about available homes in our community!

By Solstice

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