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The rhythms of life here at Solstice are a thing to behold, and here’s where you can keep pace with them.

Four fido-friendly activities for your dog!

Posted: July, 16, 2020 | Categories: Events

The Solstice community welcomes you to enjoy the outdoors with your best friend: your dog. Here you’ll find plans for parks, open space, and quick access to nearby facilities designed for you and your furry friend to make the most of your summer spent close to home. Read on for fun activities you can do with your pup this season.

Learn New Tricks

Spend quality time with your four-legged friend by helping them tackle new tricks. While your puppy needs to learn the basics — and as we continue to maintain a safe distance from others — you’ll have a blast practicing together. When you buy a home at Solstice, you’ll have a backyard that will be perfect for training days. Teaching your dog new tricks is a fantastic way to enjoy the fresh air while strengthening your bond. Consider fun tricks — like planting a kiss or barking on command — that will impress your paw pals during your next playdate. 


Cool Off

Chill out together with a fresh batch of frozen doggie treats. With simple ingredients like yogurt, blueberries, and raspberries, whip up a tasty afternoon snack everyone can eat. Silicone molds transform your treats into adorable shapes your pup will love, but regular ice trays work perfectly for bite-sized bits of frozen deliciousness. Celebrate summer with a fruity and refreshing recipe of melon and berries. After play time, dinner time, or during the hottest part of the day, share a tasty frozen snack with your best friend. Arrange to deliver a batch to friends, family, and neighbors whose hot dogs could use a cool treat as well! 


Get your hearts pumping at a stunning park designed for doggie fun. Solstice will feature two parks, plenty of community trails, and is located near the High Line Canal where your pup can experience everything from a steady jog to a spirited game of tug-of-war. Only steps from home, you’ll love having 37 acres of space to explore the future Solstice Park together. For a fun day trip, roll down the windows and head to Colorado’s gorgeous dog parks to meet new friends. While visiting the park, keep each other safe by watching each other closely, keeping your doggo up-to-date on their vaccinations, and using your own waste baggies. 



Design a weekend getaway geared toward you and your dog’s favorite activities. Some doggos love swimming in a crisp lake and playing fetch in a shallow river. With or without water, your dog will have a blast playing with these exciting toys. Hit the road with your adventurous pup who may prefer a challenging hike by your side. During your travel time to and from your favorite trail, keep your dog happy and healthy with a few simple tricks. Researching dog-friendly establishments, remembering the essentials, and packing a doggie first aid kit are some of the ways to ensure you have the vacation of a lifetime. You don’t have to travel far from home for your new getaway spot: You’ll find everything from biking to boating just a few hours away from your gorgeous home near Littleton, Colorado.

Whether your fur baby prefers playing in the park, your backyard, or splashing in the water, you’ll both feel your best after a day at play. Contact us to schedule a tour and for information about how to become a homeowner at Solstice.

By Solstice Team Member

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